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Our Mission

Westgate Homes Realty mission is to provide the best possible service to our clientele.

1About Westgate Homes Realty
Westgate Homes Realty is a fully multilingual company with many professionals, capable of interacting with diverse cultures and languages. Our organization enjoys a unique relationship within the Hispanic, African American and Asian market, and is well known and respected. Our sales team joint experience provides many advantages over other “cookie cutter agencies”.

Our teams experience and diversity allows us to stand head and shoulders above other Phoenix real estate agencies attempting to compete in this specialized marketplace.

Our experience and expertise puts at the top of the heap when dealing with both regular HUD properties, and also with specialized properties that require expert knowledge.
2Our Organization
Daniel Valdez is the designated broker for Westgate Homes Realty and has been working in this industry since 1995. He is currently an enrolled agent as a HUD agent experienced in promoting home sales to individual families increasing homeownership for first-time homebuyers. He is an experienced real estate agent and has a strong reputation in the Hispanic market.

Julian Dominguez is the Publisher of the Teleguia En Español , a major Spanish language publication in Arizona, and his expertise in marketing has generated a greater awareness promoting Westgate Homes Realty service and reputation to the community.

Anabelle Montealegre is the office manager of Westgate Homes Realty. Ms. Montealegre has a ten-year history in the lending industry and is primarily involved in assessing and evaluating clientele financial needs emphasizing in education the Hispanic market.

Estela Landeros, a licensed real estate agent is an expert in “Short Sales”, Bank owned and REO properties. Mrs Landeros has been a professional in this area for many years.

Other team members include dynamic Real Estate agents and specialists, who provide a collection of unique capabilities that other real estate companies simply cannot match.
3Westgate’s Unique Strength
Westgate Homes Realty is intimately aware of the various processes involved in working with HUD properties, as well as the details of servicing FHA and other types of special financing arrangements. We require all of agents and sales associates to be current in areas of servicing many of our clients who may need special assistance and consideration, either because of language or financial special needs. Our special position in the market allows us to have access to a full team of professionals to meet almost any real estate and or financial need.
Westgate Homes Realty markets in-house listing in a wide variety of mediums. Westgate Homes Realty in partnership with Teleguia En Español publicizes pictures of the properties and publicizes web pages to prospective buyers. Teleguia En Español is a Hispanic magazine that has a distribution of 85,000 per week.

Westgate Homes Realty is also developing a television spot that will appear three times each day three days out of the week in prime time in a local Hispanic television Cannal 44. We also list our properties in Craigslist and we have an organization that distributes flyers when we first list a home in the immediate area.
5Collaborative Efforts
Westgate Homes Realty has access to other industry experts to facilitate a diverse clientele in real estate transactions.

Westgate Homes Realty real estate agents collaborate with local non-profit agencies holding seminars and first-time homebuyer presentations. Westgate Homes Realty has worked with local non-profit agencies such as Chicano Por La Causa, ACORN, and the City of Phoenix’s Housing Department. Our organization has work closely with Bank of America, and Wells Fargo focusing on FHA 203B Insured, 203B Insured with Repair Escrow (IE), and specialized FHA 203k financing. We have developed relationships with a variety of construction companies that work with us in providing bids, repair assessments for our clients and provide quality service if the need arises.

Westgate Homes Realty has partnered up with other financial institutions and companies to facilitate 1031 Exchanges and specialized escrow services, providing us with another arena to assist clients who require these specific services. Our agents listen, and evaluate clientele needs and direct them to lenders and/or other agencies that can assist with their needs. This diverse level of expertise in not commonplace in this industry, nor is there many professionals who have access to constructive partners, or able to keep up with the changing housing market.

As the market changes we evolve, and train our real estate agents to embrace the changes to execute many of the diverse issues facing the housing market, necessary to serve our clientele.

As an organization we have an established recognition, developed outreach ventures, and formed relationships with professionals in the lending community.
6Why Use Our Unique Capabilities?
Westgate Homes Realty enjoys’ a set of unique positions in the Phoenix real estate arena. We are a fully multilingual company, with many professionals capable of interacting with diverse cultures and languages. We enjoy a unique relationship especially in the Hispanic marketplace. We are well known and respected, but our very detailed knowledge of this unique market provides us with many advantages over other “cookie cutter agencies”.

We have had many occurrences where clients came to us after attempting to use the services of competitors, and were pleasantly surprised by our level of professionalism and expertise. Our experience in dealing with HUD & FHA type mortgages and homes allows us to stand head and shoulders above Phoenix real estate agents attempting to compete in this specialized marketplace. Our experience and expertise puts at the top of the heap when dealing with both regular HUD properties, and also with specialized properties that require expert knowledge.

This year we have sold over 200 homes, including approximately 73 HUD homes. We are able to handle over 150 inventory HUD homes with the high level of professionalism demanded by the market. We currently have ten agents and multiple administrative assistants with housing experience that will be able to assist in the process of home ownership. We have provided the list of homes we have sold as part of this proposal for your perusal.

Our reach is wide, and we are able to serve the Valley communities with great customer service and the professionalism that the client deserves.